S.O.S. Frequently Asked Question’s

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Q: Is my team required to use a grease mat under our smoker?
A: Yes. As of 2015 every team is required to provide their own grease mat or pavement protection of some type to prevent grease from staining the blacktop at Unity Village.  Please help us keep the event area clean and grease free if possible. *Sheeting of some type might be a more economical alternative and allow you to cover more area.

Q: Can my team bring in our own alcohol?
A: This will be the same as previous years where we have a distributor making kegs available for purchase. We will send out a list of avaiable brands and sizes available a couple weeks prior to the event.

Q: Is this event a state qualifier or State Championship?
A: Yes. A Governor’s Proclamation has been issued making SMOKIN on the Summit a state qualifier for the American Royal.

Q: Can I park a trailer or RV in my team space? NEW CHANGES!
A: You can park a trailer or RV in your space as long as it fits within the dimensions of your space.

Q: Will there be anywhere I can park an RV to use in the competition?
A: There are 29 Full RV spaces available for RV’s to set up and be used during the competition. These spaces are 20′ x 40′ and cost $375 each.  For every RV we allow it eliminates space for another canopy team to enter the competition. There will be no sewer or dump stations available.

Q: Will there be any designated area where I can park my RV outside the event area?
A: There will be limited parking outside the event area. SOS organizers cannot authorize any RV parking outside the designated event area.

Q: Will I be allowed to bring my own generator to power my teams set-up?
A: No. In an effort to reduce noise the S.O.S. organizers will provide a 20amp service for each team that is included in your registration fee.

Q: Am I able to set-up an area for guests or clients to eat inside my team space?
A: Yes. All teams and guests must stay within their assigned space but can invite them to attend.

Q: Will there be some place to dispose of Hot Ash, Coals and Grease?
A: There will be receptacles available in designated areas. These receptacles are indicated on the event map or ask an S.O.S. organizer at check-in.

Q: Will there be dumpsters for trash disposal?
A: Yes. S.O.S. organizers will inform you of their locations during load-in. S.O.S. organizers will also be available in event vehicles to assist with disposal of trash and debris.

Q: Will there be ice available for use during the competition?
A: There will be a 20lb. bag provided to each team that is included in the registration fee. There will be additional bags for sale at a cost of $5.00 per bag during the event.